I overslept a bit this morning and I had trouble settling in to talk with God this morning. I felt rushed and had to take several minutes to really calm my brain down enough to speak with God and hear his voice this morning.

I start by thanking him for choosing me to spend time with him and deliver his message. I ask for his protection.

He tells me to stop talking. I calm my brain and take a deep breath

Me: May I have the message?

God: Are you ready?

Me: Yes

God: Are you really ready? You still don’t seem ready. The word today is EMBOLDEN.

Me: Embolden? Uh what does that mean? Seems unusual

God: It means to be bold, silly. Have courage.

Me: Ok, help me unpack that.

God: My people need to have courage to stand up for what is right. Don’t let the bastard win. We’ve already claimed the victory.

We have some banter as I thank him again and I think we’re done. He tells me to stay focused, centered, and calm. Just keep going.

Me: What else would you like me to tell them?

God: Tell them I love them…

Me: What else? You said something else in there that I missed.

God: Tell them I love them and that I miss them. Oh and that I’m proud of them but I miss them.

Me: Ok got it.

God: One more thing, evil counts on us being weak and plays on fear. Be Bold and guard your heart.

So there you have it. I know these writings are a bit unusual and hard to wrap our collective brain around. Some who read this may think I’ve lost my mind. Possible. Some might think I’m a religious nut. Possible. Here’s what I can tell you… I’ve been reading my Bible for the past 19 days. Not just reading the words on the page but absorbing them this time. I’ve been writing in my journal for 14 days and writing on here for 5 days. This experience and process is too good to keep to myself. It’s a scary journey but I’m finally at a point in my life where I’m committed to being bold. I’m committed to sharing. I’m committed to helping. I’m committed to loving. That is what has brought me a new kind of peace.

Back to the message… Embolden…. embrace that word today. Let is sit there and take root. Let it grow within. Where do you need to be bold? Where do you need courage? You got this.

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