Enjoy Life

Even though it’s Saturday I still got out of bed before I needed to so I could spend time with God and feel his presence. This morning He wasn’t really going to give me a word or a message. When I settled in to spend time with Him, here’s how the conversation went.

God: Take the day off.

Me: No, Lord, they’re counting on me.

God: Ok then tell them to relax.

Me: Relax?

God: Yes, relax and enjoy. There’s your word for today, ENJOY. I want people to be present today, not rushed and hurried. I want them to enjoy life. It’s not meant to be drudgery. It’s meant to be full of joy and laughter. They need to slow down and enjoy the little things. You know, stop and smell the roses kind of thing.

Me: Any suggestions for how to do that?

God: Sure, let go of the petty stuff. Whatever you’re worried about today, does it really matter in the long run? Focus on the positive and find humor in the mundane. Be silly like a child. Loosen up and don’t take yourself so seriously. ENJOY LIFE.

Me: Got any good jokes?

God: Do I have jokes? Well, did you hear the one about the Rabbi, the Priest and the…?

Me: Ha! No need to continue. I got it.

God: They need to smile more and love each other. Loving one another means you also have to be loveable and approachable. It’s hard to hug a porcupine.

Me: So Enjoy… seems easy.

God: It should be. But is it?

Me: I suppose not. I really do enjoy these times with you.

God: I do too. You need to enjoy today too, Marcia.

Me: Yes, Sir, I will.

God: Great! Now go Make Today Count.

So there you have it. Today’s message is Enjoy. Seems easy enough but I know I tend to over complicate things, take things too seriously, worry too much and so on.

I tend to live in the regrets of the past. You know what I’m talking about because you do too. I worry about tomorrow and the next day and now Christmas season is upon us. Apparently we skip right over Thanksgiving now.

So I ask myself – what can I do to relax and enjoy instead of rush and fuss? Today isn’t overly scheduled for me. I guess that’s the beauty of having grown kids versus little ones in house. I think I’m going to read a bit of a book I’ve started and probably take the dogs to the dog park. It’s cold outside but nothing that a coat won’t solve.

I hope you’re able to find some peace and humor today. Be silly… crack some jokes.. make silly faces at your kids. Loosen up and have fun today.

Make Today Count!

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