You’re Not Ready

This morning’s time with God wasn’t the message I was expecting. It always seems as if I try to predict or forecast it, I’m way off. I’m not sure 100% sure if this message is meant for me or you but I know it applies to me. Here’s how the conversation went this morning:

God: Happy Sunday! I’m glad you’re here.

Me: Happy Sunday, Lord. I’m happy to be in your presence. I’m ready for the message today.

God: You’re not ready

Me: Wait, what? Does that mean I”m not ready to have the message? Or I’m not ready is the message? Or is it that they’re not ready?

God: Learn, Train, Go, Do. You still have a lot to learn and so do they.

Me: Can you show me what I need to learn?

God: You’ll know what you need to learn. You already know what you need to learn.

Me: Do they know what they need to learn?

God: Yes, they will.

Me: Doesn’t “You’re Not Ready” sound harsh? Can we soften that to something like ‘Get Ready”?

God: No. I like “You’re Not Ready.” Some people think they are already there. They think they have arrived at the end of their spiritual journey. None of you have. What was my original message?

Me: Love My People. My People Need you.

God: Ok, so start there. This is only going to work if you don’t become complacent. You all are way too comfortable. I need you to STRETCH!

Me: Can we use Stretch as our word?

God: No, I still like You’re Not Ready. They need to flex AND stretch AND use their faith muscles like an athlete. Now go and tell my people.

Me: Ok, Lord. Got it.

God: See you tomorrow.

Me: Yes you will.

While I feel like I have flexed and used my faith muscle a whole lot more in the past month, I clearly still have a lot to learn. I’m reading my Bible every morning and I’m praying and listening. All great things, don’t get me wrong but I need to figure out what’s still missing.

If you aren’t working your faith muscle and have become complacent, maybe this message was for you today.

Regardless where you are on your faith journey, we can also stand to work out our faith muscle more. I hope you’ll join me.

Are you feeling that gentle nudge? I know I am. Now I just need to figure out what’s next. What am I missing? What are you missing? Are you willing to get ready? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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