Seek Peace

I had a really hard time again this morning getting settled in. My mind kept wandering in a million places to things that were really of no consequence or importance. After shifting in my seat a bit I finally feel like I’m ready. I use my focus word “Peace” to help get me centered.

Me: Good Morning Lord. I’m ready.

God: You don’t seem ready but ok, your message is Heart.

Me: I feel like that’s the word because I’m holding my pink stone heart. I feel like I’m imposing that word. Let me settle in a bit more, please. (and I repeat my focus word Peace)

God: Ok, so you don’t want “heart” today. How about we use “Peace”?

Me: Are you sure? That feels like it’s the default since it’s my focus word.

God: Peace is the message today. I think it’s an important one. Isn’t Peace what you always wanted?

Me: yes, definitely.

God: Isn’t Peace something you wish for others?

Me: yes, definitely.

Go: Ok then, Seek Peace. That’s the message.

Me: I get the Peace part but “seek peace”?

God: Peace doesn’t just happen. You know that, Marcia. Peace is intentional. Peace is contagious. Haven’t you notice how the world reacts when you’re at peace? Does it just happen? Don’t you all need more peace? Somethings you just need to let go of in order to be at peace.

God: What do you need to do today, Marcia, to find more peace? You liked Hide and Seek as a kid, right? Think of peace as hiding and you have to find ti. IT WILL NOT FIND YOU! Did you hear me? It won’t. It’s intentional and you need to find it. It doesn’t just happen.

Me: (being silly) Here Peacey, Peace…. here Peacey Peace… Like that?

God: Really? First of all.. that’s not how you play Hide and Seek. And secondly, you’re not calling it like your calling your dogs. Seek it out. Find it. Be intentional about it. You need to let go of things you’re holding on to in order to find true lasting peace.

Me: Got it. Seek Peace it is.

God: Ok now go write.

I have to say that since I’ve starting writing this, I have been much more at peace. I’m not caught up in a wave of emotions. (or at least not as much) I still have a lot of work to do on many fronts.

When I write these posts, they’re as much for me as they are for you. I am far from perfect and a work in progress. But I’m not sitting still. I’m seeking peace every day. I strive to be a little better today than I was yesterday. It’s a journey, not a destination.

In the words of my dear mother who left this world far too young… Make Today Count!

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