It seemed to be a bit of a wrestling match again today. A lot of back and forth… restless and rushed. It started perfectly normal with some polite greetings and my brain went into overdrive. I started making a dozen different lists. I was worried about what time it was and what time I needed to leave this morning. A million people I needed to pray for started lining up. After 5 minutes I stopped and grabbed my bottle of Frankincense to help me get back on track. It went something like this…

Me: Good morning, Lord

God: Good morning, Marcia. I’m glad to see you.

Me: I’m glad to be here. Thank you for the heat. Thank you for my feet. Thank you for my health. Thank you for my wealth. Thank you for….

God: What is this? Prayers in the form a Dr. Suess rhyme? You can stop that now.

Me: But it was cute…. and… oh sorry, sorry, sorry.

God: Your word is Sweet.

Me: What? Sweet like Sugar? Or Sweet like “awesome dude”? I’m not getting it.

God: What about Be Kind and Sweet?

Me: eh… not enough there. Everyone knows they need to be kind, don’t they?

God: Here you go…. FOCUS! Marcia, you need to focus! You aren’t alone in this struggle either. Clearly it’s a challenge for you today so let’s start there.

Me: Seems like a great place to start… (squirrel… what time is it, when do I need to leave… )

God: HELLO….. Whoa… slow down little doggie.

Me: oops… you were saying something about Focus. (but not the car, Focus, right?) Did I tell you I’m thankful for….

God: Girl, you need help today. Now listen! You have to Love My People. My People Need You. Remember? I need you to focus. Not just during our time together but overall. The prayer time is great but there’s more to this. You have to keep going. There’s more but you need to remove distractions and get focused.

Me: Shucks… I feel like I wasted our time together today. I’m a little exhausted from wrestling. Wait… who was it in Genesis that you wrestled with and they broke their hip? Oh right.. .Jacob Genesis 32:22-32.

God: You’re exhausting me today, you know that right? I do have to say it’s been somewhat entertaining though. You always keep it interesting.

Me: Sorry for being so … I don’t even know what to call it.

God: This is a prime example, though. You’re not alone in this struggle. But it’s up to you to do something about it. Now go and write it.

Me: Go it. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Does this sound like you when you try to pray? Some days are better than others. Some days, like today… I’m like a small child. The struggle is real. But I don’t give up. I’ll keep trying. I’ll keep adjusting. I’ll keep doing my best every today and every day. Are you struggling here too? Tell me I’m not alone in this one. (crap what time is it? I gotta walk the dogs and shower and oh geez…)

Dear Friends, I hope you find humor and inspiration in my retelling of my prayer time. I am real. I am not perfect. But I am a child of God and that’s what matters. You are a child of God too and you matter. Make Today Count.

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