Who Are You in Christ?

When I first started my prayer time with God I struggled to get a solid 10 minutes in. This morning I was 10 mins in and I felt like I just sat down. It’s a long conversation today. Much more of Him talking than me. Here’s how it went:

Me: Thank you Lord for the heat. Thank you..

God: Oh don’t start that again. 🙂 Take a minute and think back to the previous sessions.

Me: Peace, Mobilize, Love my people…

God: Yes. That’s right so here’s your message today – Who Are You in Christ?

Me: Meaning what?

God: Meaning, what’s your role? We make up the Body of the Christ. Last I checked sitting in a pew didn’t count as a body part.

Me: But a bottom is a body part.

God: Ok you got me there. Yes, being in church is important. I’m talking about more than that though… arms, legs, eyes, ears…all that. Don’t get me wrong, clearly being in a church community and participating is incredibly important. However, that’s not the only.

Me: I agree with your message and I’ve heard that before but there got to be more to this message.

God: Ok, so tie it back to the other messages. All of these messages work together just like all the body parts work together.

Me: I feel like… (long pause)

God: What, Marcia? What do you feel? Let me help you.

Me: I feel like some people…

God: Stop. I see where you’re going. Let me help you… Do More.

Me: Do More? Aren’t most people’s lives already so crazy busy that saying Do More is going to send them over the edge?

God: Yes, that’s true so here’s the point. Get rid of the noise that tells you “You’re supposed to do this or supposed to do that”. Figure out who you are in the Body and expand on it. Multiply it! So let me ask again. “Who Are You in Christ?”

God: If you met someone new at a Christmas party you ask what they do, right? They say “I’m a (fill in the blank)”. But what if the frame of reference wasn’t what you do to make money but more what you do for the Kingdom of God? I’m not saying that everyone is supposed to quit their jobs. No, not at all. I need them where I’ve planted them.

God: The work you are doing is important but remember Marcia, you work for me. While you’re paycheck comes from the company you work for, don’t forget that you work for me first.

God: Your mission field is where I planted you. Clearly, Marcia, you are the ears on the body. But there’s more but you can’t do it all.

Me: Well that’s a lot to digest.

God: But it’s simple. Don’t over complicate it. Let me rephrase it for you. Be my hands and feet. That’s it. You are my angels… the answer to prayers. The list is long and your prayer requests are in there but I need you to get the message out to my people that I need to them to be my hands and feet and be an answer to a prayer today.

God: That’s all I have for you today.

Me: What? No jokes this morning?

God: Ok, you’re the joke.

Me: Ouch! What? That’s not fair.

God: Kidding… I’m kidding. But don’t take yourself too seriously either.

Me: I can’t end on that note.

God: Of course not. You’re on the right track. You need to keep going.

Me: Got it.

God: Now go and Make Today Count.

Well there you have it folks. Be the hands and feet. That means something different for each of us. Also… we can’t all be hands and no feet. So don’t envy someone else’s gifts. You have yours. You just need to use them.

I hope you found a nugget in here today that you found interesting and that you’ll ponder and incorporate into your world.

These messages are as much for me as they are for you. I hope you’ll share these and most importantly – MAKE TODAY COUNT.

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