I Miss Them

As I settle in to spend time with God this morning I start by using some Frankincense essential oil. I love that! It’s calming and fresh and makes me feel connected to Him. I decided to sit on the floor this morning instead of in my chair. It felt more cozy to me. I sit with my head bowed and my hands, palms up in front of me resting on my knees.

Me: Good morning, Lord.

God: Good morning, Marcia. You seem more focused and ready already. Nice touch with the Frankincense, by the way.

Me: Oh, than you. Yes, I like it alot.

God: Let’s just sit quietly for a bit today.

Me: oh, ok.

Silence – deep breathing – I pray for a bunch of you guys. My mind wanders a bit and I bring it back to center quit easily.

God: Are you ready for the message today?

Me: Sure.

God: Tell them I miss them.

Me: I feel like we’ve already said that recently.

God: Then say it again. Sit with that for a bit and let it sink in.

Silence for a bit….

God: I know everybody is super busy. I’m kinda busy myself, you know. But I make time for you. 🙂 Make time! Ten minutes. That’s all I’m asking right now is 10 minutes. If they give me 10 minutes in the morning to spend a little time with me, it can mean the world of difference. If they start their day off like that with me, the whole tone for the day is better.

Me: That’s true. I know it’s been great for me.

God: Of course it’s true.

Me: Uh… you seem a little testy about this today.

God: I am because they all need to have a personal relationship with me. Not just through some other preacher, teacher, or beacher.

Me: You made that word up, didn’t you? You know I like rhyming things.

God: I’m allowed to make up words if I want to. Now back to the topic. Tell them I miss them. I want 10 minutes of peace and quiet with them every day. Maybe it’s 10 minutes more if they feel they’re already doing this. Let’s face it, they spend a lot of time on pointless silly games and meaningless crap every day. They have the time to be able to carve our 10 minutes. They’re just not making it a priority. I MISS THEM!

Me: What about me?

God: What about you? That’s a silly question, Marcia. This isn’t about you.

Me. Sorry, I don’t know where that came from but I want to more about my role.

God: You’re already doing it. Don’t get me wrong, there’s more to come for you. Be patient, child. Stay focused. You are on the right track.

Me: Thank you, Lord for blessing me and allowing me to spend time with you.

God: Thank you for hearing my call and having the courage to follow through. Great things are in store for you and those that hear and heed my message. Now go write and Make Today Count.

Me: Thank you, Lord.

If you know me at all, you know I love my sleep. It’s pretty remarkable that I can get up earlier than I need to do this reading and writing. I thought I would be quite tired as the day rolls along but the contrary has been happening. I have more energy and feel much more engaged and present.

Here’s the point – God longs for a direct relationship with you. He misses you. Find the time in your busy schedule. Set a reminder or an appointment with yourself to make this a priority. Even if you just start by sitting still and focus on breathing deeply for 10 minutes. It does get easier the more you do it and you’ll start to really miss it if you skip it. What do you have to lose?

In the words of my dearly departed mother… .Make Today Count!

One thought on “I Miss Them

  1. I do that everyday, I sit there listen for there advice to there they have for me for the day.I never knew what people ment when they sit there and talk to love ones they miss.Till One day I did that,It feels so great to hear there voice again


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