Teach Them

On today’s episode of “Mornings with God” I’m centered and peaceful. Great way to start, for sure. This is going to be a little different that some of the others because it’s a bit backwards from how the usual conversations go. Bear with me and I hope this helps.

Me: Good morning, Lord

God: Good morning, Marcia

Me: I have a sore throat today. 😦

God: I know you do.

Me: Any help there? Please. I have a busy weekend and can’t really be down and out with a cold.

God: You’ll be fine. Trust me.

Me: Can I just sit with you this morning without an agenda?

God: Absolutely! You know I enjoy our time together.

~I settle in more and I calm my brain and I feel centered and relaxed. I focus on my breath and take long deep cleansing breaths. I’m able to clear my mind of racing thoughts and it feels really good. After a few minutes we continue…

God: How about you teach them how to do this today?

Me: Really?

God: Why do you always have to question me on the topic?

Me: I do, don’t I?

God: Yes, now focus on the process you use and describe it.

Me: Ok. I’m sitting under a tree, next to a babbling brook. There are frogs and crickets and probably a snake near the water. Wait.. no… not a snake.. I hate snakes.

God: Focus child!

Me: The grass is green and it smells like spring. The sun is shining and ht sky is blue. Birds are chirping.

God: way more detail than needed but continue.

Me: I look up and I see you standing on the other side of the creek. You’re all white and glowing. I try to look up but I can’t see your face. Why can’t I see your face even in my vision?

God: Nobody gets to see that….continue.

Me: You come across the creek and put your hand on my head. As thoughts come into my mind I put them in a box and send them down the stream to pick up later. I breath deep and relax into it. Completely relaxed.

~side note; I know that may seem strange that I have all that imagery when I’m trying to clear my brain but that’s the image that appears every time I do this so I just go with it and try not to block it out.

Me: Lord, this journey and this process is scary sometimes.

God: I know, but I’m with you. Remember what I said about 30 days?

Me: Yes, the first day I started this particular journey you told me you had something big in store for me in 30 days if I kept going and remained focused.

God: Yes.

Me: Will I be ready?

God: Maybe… I think you already are.

Me: I’m ok if that “something big” is the fact that I’m learning how to spend time with you. Getting closer to you is huge just by itself.

God: Yes, it is. Be patient, child. So today’s message is Teach Them. Now go write.

Me: Thank you, Lord, Jesus for all that you have done for me and the multitude of blessings you have bestowed upon me. Please let me use my gifts to bless others and spread the Word of God to all people. In Jesus, name I pray, Amen.

~ so there you have it… that’s my process. But let me dig in just a little bit more and explain how I do this.

  • I pick a quiet place in the house where I won’t be disturbed and not hear much noise. (tricky.. I know…that’s why I get up earlier than everyone else in the house)
  • I set the timer on my phone for 10-15 minutes.
  • I get comfortable and imagine I’ve just walked into a big room where God is waiting for me.
  • I greet him and I imagine I sit down and we start talking.
  • I work to clear my brain of the lists and the schedules and worries of the day.
  • I use the box method I described above. I pretend to put my worries in a box and sending them down stream.
  • I focus on my breathing.
  • I survey my body to see what’s tense and try to loosen it up.
  • We talk… and I try to listen. Sometimes I talk more but I try to listen more and more.
  • Before long the timer goes off and I’m done.
  • I say the Our Father.
  • I thank him for my many blessings and I’m done.

In the beginning – this is going to seem REALLY hard! You can download an app to help you meditate. I’ve done that alot too. Now I don’t need an app. I can do it without. I’d rather hear God’s voice than the British guy on my app.

Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t seem easy. I’ve been doing this for many years. It takes practice and time. But it’s really worth it.

I’d love to what process you use for prayer and meditation. I’d love to hear what works for you. If this helped you, I’d love to hear that too.

This journey has been too amazing for me to not share it with you all. If you have something similar… a gift of some sort… that you’ve been hiding… share it with others. He’s given us our gifts to share. I never considered this journey that I’m on as a gift but I guess it is. So I encourage you today to Teach Them. Share it.

I wish you well today and may God bless you abundantly so you can share with others and be the answer to someone’s prayer today.

Make Today Count!

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