Be Present

It’s a gorgeous and chilly morning and I settle in with my heater and a prayer shawl a dear friend made for me during my cancer treatment a 3 years ago. It’s comforting and cozy. I’m feeling confident as I use my Frankincense essential oil this morning. I’m ready for a great conversation. It went something like this:

Me: Good morning, Lord.This time together has made a huge difference for me, Lord. I’m so grateful.

God: That’s great! Tell me more.

Me: I’m much more at peace. Life doesn’t have me tied up in knots like it used to. I don’t dread getting out of bed in the morning. You know that a big one right there.

God: Great start. You can tell me more on that later.

Me: Can I sit for a bit before we get into the content of the message today?

God: Of course.

~ I sat for a bit. My mind began to wander and it became a wrestling match again. My brain took off like Scooby at the dog park. Clearly I’m not ready yet. Deep breath… I seek prayers for a few friends and family members. That should do the trick. Wait.. where am I now? How did my brain get here?

God: Whoa! Marcia! What’s going on? Come sit by the water. Calm down, child. Clear you mind. Let all that go. We have a limited amount of time this morning and you’re making yourself crazy.

Me: Sorry, Lord. Ok, I’m here. I got it. (deep breath) What’s the message today?

God: Not so fast.

Me: Ok, sorry.

God: Sit with me (pause) Be present.

Me: Thank you, yes I am. I”m here.

God: That’s good – but I meant THEM. That’s the message today. “Be Present”.

Me: Oh sorry. I thought you meant me.

God: Quit apologizing, Marcia, and listen. As we’re in the Holiday Season again and I need my people to hear this. BE PRESENT instead of giving presents. Think back to previous Christmas’s. What gift to you remember giving? Any?

Me: A few (i say sheepishly)

God: Exactly! Now think about the people and the memories.

Me: Oh I get it! Like Christmas Eve at Grandma Belle’s!

God: Exactly! I want my people to be present with each other. Relax and enjoy the season. Do not focus on the material side of the Holiday. Be Present. Better yet… Be THE Present. There’s a ton of creative things you can do with this.

  • Coupon books that your kids can redeem or they can make them for you too.
  • Give someone a day with you. They decide what to do.
  • Take a friend to lunch or have a tea party or a cookie exchange
  • Take a meal to a friend.
  • Help someone with house work or a project at their house
  • Give a donation in their name to a charity of their choice. (ask Marcia if you need suggestions here)

God: Here’s the point – be there and spend time with the people who matter most in your life. Don’t rush from one store to the next looking for the perfect gift. You are the perfect gift. Put your time and energy into that instead. Please!

God: Think about it, very few people need all that stuff you’re buying them. Don’t get me wrong.. there are TONS of people in need. Put your time effort and money into that. That’s a different message for another day.

Me: Well all right then. I think I got it.

God: Slow down. Don’t rush the season. Be present. Be the present.

Me: Got it. Thank you! Make Today Count.

As always, it’s never this theological or difficult message. He give me /us simple things to digest. I guess that’s the point, right? How often do we over complicate things. So today as you go about your list making for Christmas presents and start to plan you Thanksgiving meal, stop and think about what’s really important. It’s the people not the presents.

Friends and family… don’t buy me anything. Let’s do something instead. Come visit. Let’s have coffee and some cookies.

I hope you find these posts thought provoking. Let me be clear. these are not my words. These are messages that God is asking me to relay to you all. I’d love your feedback. Thanks for spending time with me this morning and reading.


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