It’s Not a Competition

I slept in a bit this morning and that felt really good. When it was time to wake up I hear a loud booming voice say “Welcome.” Now keep in mind, I’m traveling by myself so no one is in the room and the voice was not coming from outside or next door. I’m jolted awake and have no choice but to start my day.

I read for a bit and absorb Psalm 27. Look it up.. it’s a good one that ends with “wait patiently on the Lord.” I always open to hearing more about patience because that’s one thing I have always lacked. So I settle in and I’m ready for my time with God.

Me: Good morning, Lord. Please bless this sacred time together. Please keep me centered and focused and open to hearing your voice. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

God: Good morning. That’s a new start. Good job. What changed?

Me: Not sure exactly. I started listening to a few podcasts to supplement my reading.

God: Nice addition. What else.

Me: I got tired of wrestling, I guess. It’s really not my sport.

God: Do you have a sport?

Me: No not really.

God: I didn’t think so.

Me: Life is enough of a competitive sport for me.

God: It doesn’t need to be that, you know. That’s today’s message. Life Is Not a Competition.

Me: Really?

God: Here we go again. Yes, really. Why? Don’t you like it.

Me: I feel like that came from me, not You.

God: You have good ideas too.

Me: But this isn’t about me. It’s about You and Your people.

God: And you are one of My people too. Here’s the thing – There’s room for everyone. Life is not a competition. AND.. .there aren’t prizes for whomever comes in first or the fastest when you join me at home. Yes, there are many blessings but don’t compare yourself spiritually to others. Faith is not a competition. You are on a separate journey. Did you hear that? SEPARATE JOURNEY. Faith, just like life, is not a competition.

Me: Ok as long as I’m the vessel and not the creator of the message.

God: Even though faith is not a competition, that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to continue to improve and grow. Don’t envy someone for something you aren’t willingn to put the time in to achieve. Faith is not a check box. It’s a journey not a destination.

Go: Faith is not a competition to be “won”. You are all winners when you accept Christ in to your heart as your savior.

Me: Sounds good. I didn’t see that coming. But then again, I never do.

God: You’ll learn to not try to plan these. Listen and pray. Spend time with me. Quit wrestling day in and day out. That is pointless and fruitless.

Me: Got it! Thank you, Lord.

God: Now go write and tell my people. They need you.

(I say the Lord’s prayer and start to write)

This one hit home for me today because I truly am the most competitive person I know. That’s exactly why I don’t play or watch any sports. Nope… I don’t even watch sports because it’s too much stress for me because I can’t stand to lose.

Even during my battle with breast cancer, I was competitive at that. I was going to beat cancer like no one had ever beaten cancer. How silly is that? Come on, Marcia, seriously? Yep… that’s how I roll.

Is there something you are wrestling with? Is there a situation you’re making into a competition when it really shouldn’t be? Do you treat faith like a competition and not participate like I am with sports? It’s not a competition. We’re all winners in Christ.

I hope you found a nugget in there that speaks to you. I encourage you to spend time with God in quiet prayer and conversation. You too can have a direct a conversation with him.

Make Today Count.

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