A Trip Down Memory Lane

I’m still traveling this week. This morning I chose to get up and make sure I was ready before I sat down for my reading and time with God this morning. I read a couple chapters in Matthew and I just right into my chat with God.

Me: Good morning, Lord. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me. Please open my eyes and my ears so I can be a good and faithful servant. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen

God: Off to a quick start this morning, I see.

Me: Yes, I’m running a bit late this morning.

God: Slow down, child. Don’t you think that I’ll make your day run smoothly or at least smoother if you start with me?

Me: Of course.

God: Are you ready?

Me: Yep, lay it on me.


Me: Please have a message today.

~ silence~

God: wait….


God: Why are you so anxious for the message this morning.

Me: Because You are leading people to the site to read this and they’re queued up and waiting to hear your message. This is super exciting.

God: Hold up. They need to know that they don’t need to wait for you or anyone else in order to hear my message.

Me: Yes, but I’m the vessel. You’re the message.

God: See. Stop right there. No offense, Marcia, but your irrelevant to the message. Yes, you’re the vessel, the messenger, if you will. But you are not the message.

Me: Oh geez. Sorry. Yes, of course.

God; Now then… here’s the message. I want them to take a trip down memory lane.

Me: Really? Where’s this going?

God; Every day, Marcia… every day you ask the same question.

Me: I’m just trying to figure out how to articulate it so it makes sense.

God: I want them to reflect back on when their journey with me started. When did they first hear about me? Who was that person that lit that fire? What piqued their interest in learning more and wanting a relationship with me? What was that feeling like when they received Jesus into their heart? Some haven’t had that experience yet but they will. They need to give it time.

Me: I thought that we didn’t want to dwell on the past.

God: And we don’t. However, remembering where your roots are and being centered on that is key and critical to the journey. Tell them your story.

Me: Yikes. ( I make a face) ummm Ok.

God: In remembering where you started this journey and what that felt like will help give you insight on how you can share this with others and encourage others along the way.

God: For many it will be a grandparent. Maybe a friend at college. Maybe a youth minister. For some this may be painful. The physical church hasn’t always been what I wanted it to be. This isn’t a history lesson but what I’m saying is, for some this may be painful and not full of joy. For others this will be comforting. You all have your own separate journey. Embrace it and share it. So now.. a trip down memory lane. Go write, Marcia.

Me: Thank you, Lord.

My journey…. gosh. I’ll be brief. I was born and raised Catholic. Named after a nun. Sister Mary Marcia Monahan. I went to church every Sunday. I went to Catechism. I prayed the prayers. Grandma Gertie was the pillar of the family faith. She prayed the rosary for each of us everyday. But something was missing for me. When I went to college I met a girl name Donna who lived two doors down in the dorm. She was really the pivotal key to my spiritual journey. She, too, was raised Catholic but she gave me exposure to being a Christian first then a Catholic. I questioned her… what does that mean? Are you saying Catholics aren’t Christians? No, not the case but… and we would talk into the wee hours. I truly love Donna to this day and I’m thankful for her courage to share her faith with me back then. A few years ago I tracked Donna down and we talked for hours like no time had passed. There’s much more to my spiritual journey but that was the start.

I guess the message today is both looking back and being present now for others. I hope you had that someone special in your life. Even if you haven’t, you can be that someone for someone else.

I hope you enjoyed today’s message and I pray many blessings for you.

Make Today Count.

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