Joy in the Journey

We’re now half way through November. Gosh that’s hard to believe. It’s a really chilly morning. Winter is definitely here. It’s dark in the morning and dark in the evenings. The lack of sunlight is already weighing on me.

I really fought a tough mental battle this week. You saw the wrestling I was doing with God. That wrestling continued through out the day and wouldn’t let up. I fought to remain upbeat and positive and not let fear and complacency lure me back into status quo. I’m not saying the fight is over yet but I’m going to continue to march forward every day. It’s mostly me not being patient. I expect BIG THINGS from little effort. That’s what our society seems to be teaching us these days, isn’t it? “Everybody get a trophy. Yippee”. Does anyone at your office say “here’s your paycheck for showing up” ? No? They don’t at mine either.

I like to play the lottery. “Give me $5 and I’ll give you a million”. How’s that working out for you, Marcia? (yes I do refer to myself in the 3rd person sometimes). Really? Why do I fall for that? Someone has to win though. Don’t they? ~ ok.. I’m off track~

What do I do with this wrestling then? I keep coming back…every morning. So I’m here today. I’m home in my comfy chair with my slippers on and a heater to warm the room. Today I commit to find the positive in every situation and keep coming back with no expectation of gain, fame, or fortune. (Good pep talk, Marcia)

Me: Ok, I’m ready, Lord. Good morning! Thank you for the many blessings – both big and small. Thank you for sending your only Son, Jesus, as my personal savior. Please open my eyes and ears and allow me to be fully present for you today and everyday. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

God: Well good morning, child. You are certainly off to a better start today, aren’t you?

Me: Yes, I feel better today. I was reading Exodus this morning where you kept hardening the heart of the Pharoah when Moses was asking to take your people out of Egypt. Are you doing that to my heart too to test me and make sure I’m fully committed you and this journey? (note: you should read and see how it applies to your situation… why are you still in the desert?)

God: Maybe. Is it working? Let me ask you this… Where’s the reward if it’s automatically given? It’s not a vending machine. I like your intro this morning. It’s very insightful.

Me: Lord, I’m feeling inadequate for the job you’ve given me. I’m feeling scattered and forgetful. I could sure use some help there.

God: You’re fine. You need to focus, though. You’re letting a lot of things distract you that are pointless and out of your control. You’re losing your joy on this journey. Do you really think you can let the light of Christ shine through you if you’re cranky and moping around? Take a deep breath.

~deep breath~

God: Ok, now get centered and just enjoy our time together for a few minutes.

God: Quite putting deadlines and timelines on me. That’s really important. Remember. My time not yours.

~ I make a frowny face~

Me: So what message can I deliver for you today? I fell like we’ve had several important topics today.

God: We sure do. What do you think is the most important?

Me: Questions, questions, questions! You’re full of questions today and not many answers.

God: Fun isn’t it?

~ I pause and reflect for a bit~

Me: What I heard from you the most today is to find Joy in Journey.

God: YOU GOT IT! Can you do that? Can you find Joy in the Journey even when you feel like I’m leading you wandering about the desert for years and year?

Me: Yes, I can with you help.

God: Ok that’s great. Now spend a few minutes with me before you go write. Take a deep breath and relax. Find the joy in the most mundane things today. Now go write.

Me: Thank you, Lord. I will.

Find Joy in the Journey. Even when it’s sucky? Yep. But how do you do that? Here’s what’s worked for me before and apparently I’ve gotten away from it. When I’m faced with an obstacle I find three positive things. For example, I’m running late and I have to stop at a stop light. What three things are positive in that? Doesn’t seem like much good in that, is there?

Well, stop for a second and find Christ in that situation. Maybe that stop light actually saved your life from being in an accident down the road. Use that time to say a quick prayer. Don’t know who to pray for? Pray for the person who just zoomed in front of you. Pray for the person you have to have a difficult conversation with at work when you get there. Pray for peace and patience and understanding. Find the joy and God in these mundane things. It does make a difference.

oh boy… I almost forgot… Make Today Count!

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