Back to Basics

Today is LINK food distribution day and I”m up super early for a Saturday. Today is the day I know I can make a difference for many. I can truly see that I am the hands and feet of God and see his people in action. It will be an exhausting yet exhilarating day. I settle in quickly because I know I don’t have a lot of time.

Me: Good morning, Lord.

God: Good morning. It’s nice to see you this morning. I wasn’t sure if you’d get up early enough to spend time together.

Me: I wasn’t so sure either. But I remembered that you told me that if I spend this time with you it sets the tone for the whole day.

God: Yes that’s true and you’ve seen that, haven’t you?

Me: Yes I have.

~ I sit quietly for a few minutes and settle in~

God: Get out of your head, Marcia. I need you to calm down. Listen, listen, listen. We need to talk.

~ I feel like I’m about to get scolded~

God: You’ve got a lot of work to do today. You’re going to need all the points we’ve talked about. Stay focused and calm. Let the light of Jesus shine through you today and every day.

God: I need you to get out of your head. You’re over analyzing everything.

Me: But I’m afraid I’ll miss something or forget something. I’m afraid I’ll miss an opportunity or miss a sign.

God: Do you think I’d let you forget? Do you think I’ll not nudge you firmly when I need you do act?

Me: No I guess not.

God: Child… go back to basics if that makes you feel better. You’re beyond the basics at this point but it’s ok to go back and make sure you’re solid.

Me: What does that mean? Back to Basics… I don’t get it.

God: Love my people. My people need you. Keep coming back every day. Sit quietly with me. Spend time with me. Keep reading. Keep writing.

Me: Sounds simple but the reality of it is hard.

God: You make it hard. It’s not really that hard.

Me: So back to basics, huh? That’s the message today?

God: Yes. You should go back and read the prior messages that you’ve posted the past couple of weeks. You need a refresher. You’re going to need it for what’s ahead. I will fulfill my promises.

Me: I feel like I’m supposed to do more now.

God: I’ll let you know when you’re ready. Sit quietly with me now and take some deep breaths.

~ I sit quietly and before I know it the timer goes off. Yes, I set a timer so I don’t end up spending all day there. In the beginning the timer was so I would spend enough time with God but now it’s the opposite.~

Me: Can’t I stay here with you all day?

God: No you can’t. However, I am with you all day and you know that. You can have this sense of peace all the time. That part is up to you.

Me: I know.

God: Do you? You seem to forget that a lot and try to do this on your own. You’re pretty stubborn, Marcia. That will serve you well in the long run but right now it’s only going to frustrate you. Right now you need to relax and stay focused on the basics. I’m actually impressed and pleased that you’ve followed through so far and remained faithful to our morning time together. Keep going. You’re doing fine. I got this. I just need you to stay focused on the basics right now.

Me: Ok. I got it.

God: Now go write.

~ I end with the Our Father and start to write~

Back to basics, huh? Easier said than done. I know I over complicate most things I do. Clearly this is another example. I don’t have any clever stories or wonderful anecdotes for this one this morning. So I’ll leave you with this thought… What are you over complicating that you need to get Back to Basics? I’d love to hear how this spoke to you today.

Make Today Count!

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