Love the Unlovable

I almost didn’t take the time to be with God this morning. It’s Sunday and we’ll head to church in a bit. I was about to give myself a pass but then I realized how much I would miss it so I sat down and read, prayed and wrote.

God: Welcome, child. I wasn’t sure I’d see you this morning.

Me: I wasn’t sure either but I’m glad I’m here.

God: Me too. Sit with me for a while.

God: How are you today?

Me: I have a bit of a headache but overall pretty good. I probably have been eating too much sugar. That can sometimes give me a headache.

God: Probably.

Me: Why do we like stuff that’s not good for us?

God: Hmm… feels like there’s a message in there.

Me: I love sweets. I know it’s not good for me but sometimes I just can’t resist.

God: You can resist. You choose not to.

Me: I really don’t want to focus on that today. Can I promise I’ll do better?

God: What makes you think the future is going to be different? Will power?

Me: maybe…

God: You’re forcing the conversation right now looking for an easy answer. There is none.

Me: I thought is was funny yesterday when I asked you what Heaven was like. You said “Why? Do you want to pack a bag?”

God: Even if I could tell you what it’s like, you wouldn’t understand it. By the way, I noticed how you changed the subject there. Nice try. We’ll come back to that sugar thing later.

Me: Seriously though, can I have a message for your people today?

God: Sure. Tell them I love them. Tell them they need to love the unlovable.

Me: Oh good one. I have that up on my bulletin board.

God: It’s easy to love someone who is nice to us and is pleasant, isn’t it?

Me: Sure.

God: There’s going to be a lot of social gatherings over the next several weeks. These events are going to be filled with challenging situations. I need them to let the light of Christ shine through them by loving someone that seems undeserving. See what happens when you do that. They’ll be amazed.

God: Sit with that for a minute and let it sink in more.

God: Here’s an example – Even if a person just cut you off in traffic… say a prayer for them. Show them some grace.

God: Only the light of Christ can dispel the darkness. More darkness in darkness is still just darkness. You bring the light of Christ into this broken world. Yes, the world is a dark place sometimes but you can be the difference.

Me: Love the Unloveable, got it.

God: Here’s some situations that might help – maybe it’s a child that is on their last nerve. Maybe it’s an annoying coworker. Maybe it’s an in-law or a relative. Be the light of hope and love.

Me: Anything else?

God: Tell them this is not going to be easy at first but it’s worth it.

Me: Thank you, Lord for all that you have done for me. Thank you for granting me peace and allowing me to spend time with you. Thank you for giving me the courage to share our time together with others.

God: Thank you for hearing my call. Now go tell them what I said. See you tomorrow.

Wow! That seems so simple yet if you look at your day, you’ll see that’s a lot harder than it first seems. I heard this message in a sermon several years ago and wrote it on my white board so I can focus on it when I have a difficult situation to deal with at work. I think it’s also critically important that we aren’t the ones that are proving to be unlovable. I ask myself that question alot too. Is it me? Awh… nope. Couldn’t be me. I’m perfect! NOT! This is a good gut check for us and our behavior as well.

I hope you found an interesting nugget or two in here today. I hope you can make a difference in the life of another today by loving the unlovable.

Make Today County.

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