Holiday Planning

Welcome to a bright and sunny Saturday. I slept in a little and sat down with my coffee in my hand. I read for a bit. I’m in Exodus right now and I get lost in the details of the specifics of the tabernacle and the ark and all that. That’s a whole lot of detail which makes my head spin a bit. Anyway…Thanksgiving is this week and I’m excited to have my kids home from college. We’re planning on seeing many friends and I’m hoping for a great week. Here’s how the conversation with God went this morning…

God: You ready?

Me: Good morning, Lord. Yes I’m ready.

God: Set your timer for 20 minutes today. You’re going to write your blog today.

Me: Ok great. Is there a message for folks today?

God: It’s going to be a rough week.

Me: For every one or me specifically?

God: Both

Me: What? No! I want to have a really good week with the kids both home.

God: You will if you prepare. You’ll be fine.

~my mind starts racing with every possible horrible scenario. I pray for protection for everyone close to me. You’re on that list, I’m sure.~

Me: Lord, please let it be me and not them.

God: You’re going to be fine.

Me: Then why even tell me this? That’s not fair.

God: Calm down, child. Your imagination tends to get the better of you. All I said was it’s going to be a rough week. Quit trying to figure it out and plan for a tragedy. Rough does not equal tragedy.

Me: Can you tell me something good today?

God: You’re doing fine. Keep it up. You make a difference.

Me: I don’t feel joy again today. I feel the weight of the sorrow of the world.

God: That’s totally on you. You control your feelings. The victory has already been won. You know that.

~ I sit in silence for a bit and focus on my breathing… my mind begins to race…~

God: Marcia, stop talking.

Me: Yes, Lord.

God: How will you prepare for this week? I mean emotionally not food wise.

Me: Normally I guess I don’t.

God: Ok so let’s start there. Know that friction is bound to happen in any gathering during the holidays. What can you do in advance?

Me: Stay centered and do my prayer and meditation time every day.

God: What else?

Me: Role play in my brain? Role play how I’ll remain calm. Role play how to recognize it’s about to occur.

God: Good… keep going. What else?

Me: Recognize we all bring different perspectives and baggage to the table.

God: And?

Me: And it’s not personal.

God: Even when it feels personal, it’s up to you to own what you should and release the rest. Did you catch that part? OWN IT when it’s yours to own but not more than that.

Me: Ok, got it.

God: Plan for it. It’s going to happen but this time you can make a different outcome.

Me: Thank you, Lord. Thank you for counting me worthy to spend time with you. Please fill me with the Holy Spirit and allow me to do your work.

God: ok now go write.

As usual my mind went to the worse case scenario when I heard it would be a rough week. I feel better now though having spent this time with God and thinking through how to make a different outcome this year.

For me, I’ll take a deep breath before responding in anger. I’ll be kinder with my words. I’ll share the peace and love of God wherever and whenever I can. It starts with me. What about you?

Make Today Count

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