You Are Enough

It’s been about 10 days since I last wrote. As I indicated on my last blog God told me it was going to be a rough week for Thanksgiving. It was rough but not how I anticipated. I came down with the flu and was down and out for 4 days. I haven’t had that in quite some time. While I do still pray and meditate every day, I don’t write it here unless I feel that God has a message that is for you and for me. Some days it’s just silence and I sit in his presence. Today I felt this was a good one that you may need to hear as well.

God: Good job.

Me: Good Morning, Lord. Thank you. What was the compliment for? That’s a pretty broad statement.

God: You seem fairly calm today and you’ve been coming every day like I asked.

Me: Yes, it’s getting much easier and I look forward to our time together. It’s not an effort any more to get out of bed earlier to spend time with you. It’s a habit now. I want it and it’s necessary. I do worry though that it’s not enough or I’m doing it wrong or something.

God:Does it feel wrong?

Me: No.

God: Then just go with it. Relax your whole body and take several deep breaths.. in and out…

~ I take a few minutes and pray for several friends and family. My mind starts to wander and I quickly come back~

Me: Lord, I ask you for wisdom, knowledge, courage, and compassion.

God: Get out of your own head.

Me: But how? It’s a constant dialogue. A sound track on repeat that I’m not good enough. go go go… do do do..

God: First of all, you are enough. You are enough because you are are my child.

  • You are enough
  • You have enough
  • You do enough

So enough already (ha ha). Stop that constant sound track loop and focus on being content. I need you to turn this round now. Every time that thought or feeling comes into your brain,stop it in it’s tracks. I want you to say “I AM ENOUGH. I have enough, I do enough. Say it out loud if you need to. There will always be to do or to have. What I want you “to do” is be kind and compassionate. I’m not asking you to boil the ocean. I’m asking you to make a difference where you are – right now – today.

Me: (deep sigh) Thank you for that. (timer goes off but I stick with it because I’m not ready to leave yet_

God: Be ok today. Put the worry, angst, and fear aside. Tomorrow will take care of itself because I already have that in my hands. Focus on being enough, child.

Me: Thank you, Lord Jesus!

God: Great, now go Make Today Count.

It’s funny to me how this short time every morning makes such a difference for me. The simple act of quieting my mind and spending time with God reveals so much and allows me to release things I don’t even realize I’m holding on to.

Yes, it’s the Christmas season and there’s lots more on our plates to plan and do and rush rush rush. My goal is to slow down and make it more memorable one day at a time.

Yes, there’s always more I can do and should do. Today I’ll focus on being enough and forgiving myself for things left undone.

I hope this message spoke to you and you can relate. You heard him… You Are Enough!

Make Today Count!

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