Be Still

I have been extremely lax in my meditation and prayer time. I always seemed to have something that took priority over my time with God. Shouldn’t that come first? Well yes, but… there’s this and there’s that and… You know the drill. I’m sure you do it too.

I felt the distance continue to grow as I let myself off the hook and didn’t do what I knew I needed to do. So today I’m back at it. While I may not post, I’m committed to being present with God and not let distractions get in my way.

Me: Good Morning, Lord

God: Welcome back, child. I’ve missed you lately.

Me: I’m sorry. I let the world and all it’s distractions keep me away from you.

God: I’m glad you realize it. It’s within your power to do something about it.

Me: I know.

God: I’d like to sit with you more regularly.

Me: I know and I will. I miss it too.

God: Sit quietly with me for a minute.

<deep breath… ease into the chair…>

Me: Do you have a message for me today?

God: Just sit….

<silence, deep breath…>

God: Doesn’t that feel good?

Me: Yes, is sure does.

God: Calm down and be still.

Me: I feel like that’s your message for me today. Is it?

God: Yes it is. Now focus on your breathing. Focus on releasing tension. Stop flailing and thrashing around. Peace starts internally, not externally. It resonates outwardly from you and spreads. Don’t absorb it from others.

God continues: Do you hear the wind outside?

Me: Yes, it’s quite windy today.

God: Does that make you anxious?

Me: Yes.

God: Why do you think that’s the case?

Me: Because I can’t control it.

God: If you recognize you can’t control it, and you recognize that I have that power, why would you worry? What specifically do you worry about with the wind?

Me: I worry about silly stuff like whether or not the siding will fly off or other things happen to the house. Stuff like that.

God: Has that happened before?

Me: Yes.

God: Did you handle it?

Me: Yes.

God: Ok, then let that go. Reframe the sensation. Go out and embrace the wind. I mean literally… go out and feel the wind. Feel it in your arms. That’s me you feel.

God continues: As the ‘winds of change’ swirl around you, don’t fret. Be still and embrace it.

Me: <sigh>

God: Now let’s sit quietly for a bit.

Me: Thank you, Lord!

I’ve always been uneasy with the heavy winds. Many nightmares have tornadoes in them. It’s an irrational fear that I work on frequently. If I’m calm on the inside, the swirling winds on the outside don’t have the same impact.

I hope you’re able to find calm in the swirling winds that seem to engulf us quite regularly. Be still… He’s got this.

Make Today Count!

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