What if?

I haven’t written in quite some time. I’ve had a lot of thoughts jumbled in my brain and needed to take a bit of a break to sort through it all. I’ve been writing still but not posting.

Today I felt compelled to pour out what’s been on my heart this morning. I have more questions than answers and I hope you’ll ponder the answers with me. Here we go…

What if..

What if the evil one actually answers prayers to make you think you’re in touch with God? Would he do that? What if we’re praying to a tree or a flower or a statue and the prayer gets answered? Do we give honor to God for the answered prayer and yet continue to worship the statue? Does it strengthen our belief in the power of the flower or in God?

Are our “religious traditions” based squarely on Godly principles or are they designed for us to check a box and make ourselves feel good? Do these traditions make us feel like we’re in touch but the reality being that’s not the case? Are they a false sense of security?

A direct one on one relationship with God can help us discern these answers and help us be grounded in our faith and actually glorify God.

So then what?

There are plenty of items we can buy with WWJD on it to remind us to think about how Jesus would act in any given situation.

Does that bracelet or t-shirt serve the intended purpose of causing us to pause and be mindful of the true answer of what Jesus would do? I’m going with No. Here’s why – My answer is No because we find plenty of ways to justify our blatant disregard for the answer and trudge right on froward with what we want to do versus the real and true answer of WWJD.

Think about it – Would Jesus yell at someone in traffic? Nope. Would Jesus let anything get in the way of a relationship with God the Father? Nope! But we do. Why? We justify it. There’s this and there’s that and blah blah blah. Those are excuses not reasons.

Maybe you pat yourself on the back because once a year you actually extend yourself and do what Jesus would do. Good for you! That’s probably more than most do.

How would our world – YOUR WORLD – be different if it started with YOU? What if you did what Jesus would do with greater frequency and passion?

I hear you saying – “oh so wait… I not only need to do it but I have to want to do it?” Yes, the answer that is yes.

Jesus didn’t say “Well I guess I’ll go heal this guy because my Father wants me to do it.” He knew His purpose. He embraced His purpose. Are we? Do we know our purpose?

He’s a slight clue to that answer. We are the living body of Christ. That means we are his hands and feet. HANDS AND FEET, people! Let that sit for a minute.

So back to WWJD and the frequency. What if you increase your frequency of focusing on WWJD and actually doing that. Start slowly. Let it develop. Start with your thoughts and be kinder to yourself. Let the process flow. Show grace to yourself and those around you.

Let’s pause there for a second. What is Grace? Grace is an undeserved gift. Mercy is not getting the punishment you deserved. Focus on those two words today. Where can you extend Grace and Mercy?

So back to where we started… Where’s your focus? Is it on checking a box? Does God want box checkers? I sincerely doubt it. Don’t get caught up in the ritual. Rituals aren’t bad. They serve a purpose but don’t hang your eternity on rituals and the smells and bells.

God wants doers. He wants us to live our faith. He wants us to have a relationship with him. He misses you. Check in with Him. You’ll be surprised. He’s ready to show you grace and mercy too.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, the evil one is the great deceiver! Be on guard.

I’m not sure who needed to hear this today but I hope this helps some of you. It felt really good to me to write today and post it and I hope you take at least one small nugget away from my rambling. I hope you take a few moment today to pause and think about WWJD and then actually follow through and do it.

May God Bless you and keep you safe. Make Today Count!

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