Not a good day for a Pity Party

This mornings episode of Mornings with God start before I even get out of bed. I feel Him tugging at me, gently nudging me to get out of bed. It would be so easy to skip today. It’s Sunday and we had a late night last night. It’s chilly outside. My bed is warm andContinue reading “Not a good day for a Pity Party”

Be Present

It’s a gorgeous and chilly morning and I settle in with my heater and a prayer shawl a dear friend made for me during my cancer treatment a 3 years ago. It’s comforting and cozy. I’m feeling confident as I use my Frankincense essential oil this morning. I’m ready for a great conversation. It wentContinue reading “Be Present”

Teach Them

On today’s episode of “Mornings with God” I’m centered and peaceful. Great way to start, for sure. This is going to be a little different that some of the others because it’s a bit backwards from how the usual conversations go. Bear with me and I hope this helps. Me: Good morning, Lord God: GoodContinue reading “Teach Them”